Advice: flowers


Here is where we will add advice on flowers generally but also cut flowers for the house or showing.

Bulb Competition

for the summer show our bulb competition is lilies. we distributed 3 free bulbs to members in April and all of them went so we are looking forward to a good show in the lily competition on 21st July.



This year we are promoting our pollinating insects. We had a very interesting talk on bees in May but are keen for all our members to include a mix of single flowers in their gardens and to remember that honey bees are just one of very many pollinating insects.

Many people find it easy to find plants that flower in the spring and also the autumn but often find it more difficult to put colour in their gardens in July and August or over the winter, the very times when other natural nectar sources are scarce.

Remember, the honey bee may only come out when it is warm but the bumble bee, with its fur coat, will be out on a sunny day in the winter and many moths are busy pollinating at night.

Winter - Nov to Feb

Bulbs/corms: Galanthus nivalis (snowdrops), Crocus tommasinianus, Eranthis hyemalis (winter aconites), Cyclamen hederafolium and Cyclamen coum

Climbers: Clematis cirrhosa (eg Wisley Cream is evergreen and starts flowering in November)

Herbaceous perennials: Hellibores

Shrubs: Mahonia x media 'charity', Lonicera × purpusii 'Winter Beauty' (honeysuckle), Sarcococca

Summer - Jun toAug

Bulbs: Alliums eg Christophii, Firmament or spheracephalon, which flower a little later than 'Purple Sensation'

Annuals & herbaceous perennials: try growing single dahlias (bishop types or the short but lovely 'Moonfire'), Antirrhinum majus, Cosmos bipinatus, lavender, delphiniums, Calendula (single marigolds), Astrantia, single geraniums especially 'Ann Folkard', 'Anne Thompson' or 'Russell Pritchard', as they flower for about 4 months, Verbena bonariensis, thyme, early flowering heleniums like 'Moerheim Beauty' or 'Sahin's Early Flowerer'.

Shrubs: Buddleja davidii, Cornus alba (if you don't cut annually for coloured winter stems), Fuchsia magellenica, Escallonia.

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